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What Big Ben offer

Fuel your company's future

At Big Ben, we provide companies that have reached a certain stage of maturity the opportunity to go public at the leading European Small Cap market. We have successfully raised capital and listed numerous companies with our partners in Stockholm, and have a broad range of contacts with the financial markets. Unlike most of our competitors we can actually raise capital for your company on the open market through our road show program should you choose so.

How to float your company

Unlike our competitors, who only offer assistance with the listing process itself, we can actually raise capital for your company on the open market through our road show program should you choose so. No company should start out empty-handed after going public, and we can provide your company with at least 500 shareholders to start with, in addition to introducing you to an investor pool of 80,000 people. This way, you’ll be able to start off with a healthy amount of both capital and liquidity. Running a roadshow also means that you'll be able to cover your listing expenses with the money you raise during the roadshow.

Why float?

The following are the best reasons for floating your company:

• access to capital both at the time of the initial listing and in the future through further capital raisings;

• opportunity for existing shareholders to realise the value of their investment, in whole or in part, in the company;

• creation of a market for the company’s shares, with improved valuation that a Stockholm listing generally brings; and

• ability to make acquisitions by offering listed securities rather than, or in addition to, cash as consideration.

Advantages of Listing in Europe

The huge burdens presented by U.S. government regulations place disproportionately high compliance costs (in time and money) on small companies. This is why many North American companies today opt instead to go public in Europe. Listing on a European exchange provides access to millions of international investors who shy away from the higher broker fees in America.

European markets have no monthly or annual filing fees, and investors hold on to their stocks for longer periods of time than Americans do (thanks to tax advantages being granted for stock retention). The result is more stable stock prices and less day trading.

Does my company qualify?

There are a number of eligibility requirements which any company seeking to be admitted to listing on a MTF List (multilateral trading facility) must satisfy, including:

• The corporate structure and ownership structure should be as transparent and simple.

• The board of directors and executive management should be well informed.

• Prior to the listing, the company should have introduced and maintained the requisite routines, policies and systems for information distribution, including financial reporting.

• The company’s website must be set up in accordance with the requirements set out in the rules of the market place and the EU Market Abuse Regulations.

• The company must dedicate personnel to the distribution of information to the market.

• The company must be duly incorporated or otherwise validly established according to the relevant laws of its place of incorporation.

• The company must, on a continuous basis, have at least 10 percent (MTF list) of the shares within the share class to be traded distributed to the general public.

• At the time of admission, the share price must be at least 50 euro cents (€0.50).

• The shares must be registered electronically and must be subject to clearing and settlement in a manner acceptable by the Exchange, usually through Euroclear Sweden.

• The company must demonstrate that it has sufficient financial resources in order to enable it to conduct the planned business for at least twelve months.

• In connection with listing a prospectus or a company description (memorandum) must be prepared.

• The company should have minimum 300 qualified shareholders (i.e. shareholders holding shares worth at least EUR 500), or a liquidity provider.

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Your gateway to success

Brilliant ideas demand great execution. Our people have world-class professional backgrounds. We can facilitate smooth due diligence proceedings, coordinate contract construction and negotiate optimal terms. We take on only a select number of clients at a given time and devote senior-level attention to every deal.

Whether you are looking for a listing on a public stock exchange, a tune-up on a business plan, or a private placement memorandum, Big Ben Venture can meet all your needs in a timely fashion. Some of our previous clients include Lotus pharmaceuticals, Fisker Automotive, Facebook, and Twitter.

Big Ben's team consists of creative and experienced professionals focused on under-served, small to mid-cap private companies. Our team has deep expertise and broad knowledge. We provide first class execution in the following areas:

• Clean technology and renewable's
• Consumer
• Life Sciences (Health care)
• Media and entertainment
• Digital communications
• Technology

Big Ben offers

A uniquely positioned firm that can mobilize a set of integrated services to help you from the strategic planning stage through the execution of your IPO and for life as a public company and beyond.

A dedicated team of professionals specializing in IPOs, who can leverage the power of Big Ben's experience. The proven track record will help help you move forward quickly. A proactive resolution of issues will result in fewer surprises and delays.

Main equity markets

Sweden offers a range of listing alternatives and venues. The largest exchange in Sweden is Nasdaq Stockholm, which is part of Nasdaq Group, Inc.

Nasdaq Stockholm operates two equity markets:

Main Market. This is the flagship market in the Nordic region and is intended principally for well-established companies. The Main Market is an EU regulated market and, accordingly, its listing requirements are based on the applicable European standards (www.nasdaqomxnordic.com).

First North. This is a multilateral trading facility (MTF) under EU legislation with lighter requirements and rules than those that apply to the Main Market. First North normally suits small, young or growth companies and is often the first step towards listing on the Main Market (www.nasdaqomxnordic.com/firstnorth).

Nordic Growth Market Stockholm (NGM Stock Exchange) is the other exchange in Sweden. NGM is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized growth companies.
NGM operates two equity markets:
NGM Equity. This is an EU regulated market (www.ngm.se).
Nordic MTF. This is an MTF (www.nordicmtf.se).

Mirror listing with Stuttgart, or dual OTCQX Int.

We offer a very attractive mirror listing between Stuttgart and NGM Stockholm. The trading of your securities on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange is made extremely attractive by the trading segments and initiatives, tailor-made specifically for private investors and the special features of the different classes of securities. Stockholm (and Stuttgart) offers less cost, better liquidity, and greater access to capital than OTCBB in U.S.A.

In addition we can offer a dual listing in the U.S.A. with OTCQX International, for companies already listed on a qualified stock exchange.

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