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Whether your objective is to raise capital, sell the whole or a part of your business, divest a division, acquire or merge, Big Ben is your qualified partner with more than 20 years of experience. Our services vary from helping a small business create an appealing business plan, to assisting mid to large corporations execute transactions between $5 million to $100 million. Furthermore, we assist in debt and leaseback financing for deals in excess of $100 million. In order to support all transactions, we develop memorandums providing investors with the necessary information they are seeking. We ensure that our customers not only get what they want but what they need to receive the necessary financing to expand their business.


Raising Capital
Big Ben assists clients in raising the capital your company needs to finance working capital, drive organic growth, provide liquidity to shareholders, or fund an acquisition. Whether the capital source is senior debt, subordinated debt, a private equity investment, or venture capital, Big Ben has a broad group of partners ranging from domestic to international markets within the corporate finance and private investment banking industry.

Business Plans
While having a business plan does not guarantee an investment, it does increase the likelihood of receiving one. As an entrepreneur, your focus should be on growing your company. Let the professionals create an appealing business-plan that will appeal to investors.

Going Public
Are you operating a small cap company and want to go public but don't feel comfortable with the complexities? According to most expert advisors, start-up public companies have greater visibility and status in the open market. The act of going public is an opportunity for a great deal of publicity which attracts more investors and clients. Big Ben and its partners have years of experience in bringing companies public in Europe.

Preparation Services & Private Placement Memorandums
Big Ben has the ability to assist you in producing a comprehensive Private Placement Memorandum. Private placements often do not require to be registered with the Securities Exchange Commission. Regulation D is the most popular form of non-public private placements. Big Ben will also assist in the preparation of your memorandum from a selective distribution of brokerage houses specializing in Regulation D offerings.

Deal Structuring
Finding the right investor is the key to success. You need a high valuation of your company. We understand the full scope of investing from the start-up stage because we’ve sat on both sides of the tables.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Utilizing our global research capabilities and expertise, we provide clients with senior-level attention throughout all phases of the transaction process from identifying best fit candidates, initiating, valuing, financing, structuring and negotiating mergers & acquisitions through due diligence and closing. Our M&A transactional experience included purchases of assets and stocks, security swaps, licensing agreements, and earn-outs.

Sales & Divestitures
Understanding the objectives is paramount to develop an exit strategy. We will assist you on determining the best-fit strategy.

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