Deal Structuring

BBVP offers advisory services for private fundraising. We also offer assistance with business plan consulting, mergers and acquisitions, fairness opinions and other advisory services.

The Right Investor
Finding the Right Investor is the key to a success. You need a partner that thinks beyond a cold cash return on his investment. The best investors are strategic partners. Typically such a partner is active in a related industry. They can give you more help than money. You need a high valuation of your company. Otherwise you have to give up more of your company for the same investment amount. We understand the full scope of investing from start-up, because we've sat on both sides of the table. We know what it is to struggle to meet the payroll. We have been in your shoes.

Your Profile
Our target client profile would be as defined below:

Product or Service

The product/service should be sufficiently differentiated from others. Is an advantage if you have intellectual property protection in place.

Sales Potential

Your company should have a potential for rapid sales growth.


Do you have a strong management team in place? A strong management quality is 90% of a deal. Otherwise you must have a potential to put a management together that can work as a team?

Financial Solvency

Does your Company have sufficient resources to stay in business without funding for the next six months?

Growth Industry

We prefer a growth business, but might consider you anyhow.

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