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Capital for public companies
Big Ben can source custom-tailored, structured products, allowing individuals to borrow against their stock positions. All products provide the following benefits:

• Individual retains ownership
• Low interest rates
• Term: 1-5 years
• LTV: Up to 80%
• Safe and secure

• Completely private transaction

Retire your Corporate Debt
If your company has investor debt, affiliate or non-affiliate debt reflected on its balance sheet as a liability, we have a party interested in purchasing public company debt. To qualify, the stock must trade for at least $25,000 per day.

Corporate Financing
We can help locate the capital to fuel your company’s growth. Big Ben builds strong relationships by helping you build a solid corporate foundation. We can facilitate:

• Equity Financing
• Debt Financing
• Receivable Financing

Private Investments in Public Equity – PIPE
We can facilitate PIPE financing for public companies from $1 million to $100 million, depending on the liquidity of the stock.

Stock Loans
We can facilitate stock loans that do not require registration statements. There are no credit checks, no tax returns, no personal guarantees and no margin calls. Stock loans are one way to manage the risk of owning stock. If the price of the stock appreciates during the term of the loan, the borrower may capture some of this appreciation. If the price of the stock goes down, the borrower has the option of walking away from the loan without any negative impact on their credit.

Non-affiliate shareholders pledge their stock as security for the loan, and in turn, loan it back to the public company and receive an interest-bearing note, more stock, option and warrants. The public company receives the capital it needs to operate without dilution.

Equity Lines of Credit
We can locate investors who can arrange non-toxic equity lines of credit with a floor price so there are no "toxic death spirals. Discounts, if any, are determined by the liquidity of the stock.

Aged Debt
We can find capital from lenders purchasing the company's aged debt. This allows the company to secure financing and clean up the balance sheet. In some cases, the lender could make a direct investment into a public company that equals the amount of debt purchased.

Asset-Based financing
We can find capital secured receivables, free trading stock and other liquid assets. Funding may commence within 10-30 days.

Together we can close your deal.

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