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We offer services for fundraisings
Big Ben works with its Partners to offer full services for raising equity and debt capital for both private and public growth companies through Private Placements and Private Investments in Public Equity (PIPEs). We also offer assistance with business plan consulting, mergers and acquisitions via our partners’ advisory services.

Most sections are covered from business services, life sciences (biotech and medical device), high technology, internet and telecom to transportation, media, clean energy, construction, water and infrastructure.

Debt and lease-back financing for deals in excess of $100 Million (USD) can also be provided.

Capital for public companies...

Start-up business often requires an injection of funds. Existing businesses may have to overcome short-term cash flow issues or fund expansion.

Types of funding:
The individuals starting a business may have sufficient savings to enable them to provide the necessary funding.

The business’ funding requirements can be met by borrowing the money.

Private equity funding
This is the generic name for sources of funding that come from a third party instead of a recognized lending institution. They can come in a variety of guises from 'silent partners' to 'business angels' to 'venture capitalists'.

Venture Capital
Normally applicable when seeking to raise $1 million or more, and mostly applicable to existing businesses. Start-up companies at below $1 million often need to approach Business Angels.

Private Investment in Public Equity - PIPE
This financing technique is popular due to the time and cost savings of PIPEs compared to more traditional forms of financing such as secondary offerings. In a PIPE offering, there are less regulatory issues with the SEC and there is no need for an expensive roadshow, lowering both the cost and time it takes to receive capital. PIPEs are great for small- to medium-sized public companies, which have a hard time accessing more traditional forms of equity financing.

These funders will require a stake in the business in return. The exact terms and conditions upon which this funding is made available will need to be dictated in a detailed investment agreement.

Private equity funding can come in stages as the business grows:
• Seed funding
• First round
• Second round
• Later stage
• Mezzanine

Together we can prepare a list of potential marriage partners. If the investor expresses an interest, they will want to meet your management team and understand your business concept. The key issues then will span product, technology, marketplace, finance and strategic fit.

Deal profile...

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