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A transaction for the expansion of Arrowmark metall mining operations in Utah.

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listed on the CNSX with a mandate to acquire, explore and develop base and precious metals properties.

Power & Tower

is expanding it's services in repairs, and installations in the U.S.A.

Our advisory services focus on businesses that have reached a certain stage of maturity and growth. Our services also include mergers and acquisitions, as well as OTC BB listings and listings Europe. We develop business & marketing plans, as well as Private Placement Memorandums in order to support private fundraisings and identify key business partners.  

North America

Is your company investment ready?

Ben Hedenberg | Toronto
More capital is available than there are...
Global Market

Building a new brand name

Elsa Papadopoulou | Toronto
Manufacturing companies place now...
How to Go Public

Make an Initial Public Offering in EU

We can take your company public for less money and faster than anyone else. The cost for going public could be covered by investors participating in the initial private offering phase. Usually you, or people you know, does cover the up-front costs for the initial phase...
Exit Strategy

The Baby Boomer Exit Bubble

Roughly 76.4 million “baby boomers” were born in the United States between 1946 and 1964. Many of those boomers later went on to form businesses, and today, between four and five million businesses are owned by people over 53 years old...
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Is your business looking for funding but needs a business plan? At Big Ben, we can provide you with professional and affordable business plans.

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Are you looking for an equity partner to become public?

Investment Criteria

$10 million over the past year

IPO Prepared
Willing to commit to complete a public listing within 18 month from the date of investment

Target return
The investor is expecting twice the return over an anticipated three year holding period.

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